AK Video Broadcast (Cable) Highlights

  • Guaranteed PSA distribution
  • Video can be tagged for tracking via the Google Analytics
  • Multiple video spots per program
  • Up to 450,000 guaranteed impressions 18+



PSN Video Broadcast (Cable) offers distribution of 30-second video PSAs via state cable partners on a guaranteed basis. This network offers government agencies and nonprofits both geographic and demographic targeting for their PSA campaign via distribution using a collection of more than 15 popular cable channels. These channels are designed for broad audience reach but the mix may be customized to narrow the audience target.

This program is available in every state and provides up to 750,000 gross impressions 18+ over a 2-4 month flight, depending on the state. Multiple spots may be rotated in the same program or flight.

Content Specifications :

Video spots for this channel should be :30 in length and available in Pro Res HD files. No slates or countdown are required.  Distribution of longer form :60 spots are also available at a higher CPM rate.

Content Sample:

If you would like further customization options please contact a PSN representative to discuss your campaign.