Transit Bus Package

AL Bus Stops

AL Transit Highlights

  • Guaranteed PSA Distribution
  • Local saturation
  • Low-cost PSA rates
  • Unique impressions
  • Captive audience
  • Excellent read with numerous demographic targets



PSN Transit offers a variety of cost-effective distribution options for government agencies and nonprofit organizations that includes Interior, Queen and King bus public service announcement (PSA) placements.

All of these transit options provide clients with the ability to place PSAs on a guaranteed basis in a variety of locations that reach pedestrians, vehicle passengers and drivers. PSN works with transit agencies in markets across the country and the state in an effort to aggregate the buying power of the government and nonprofit communities to offer the widest variety of cost-effective outdoor placement opportunities.

This program is available in all states and provides millions of guaranteed gross impressions 18+ via 3-6 month flights, depending on the state.  Production assistance is available for either resizing existing print signage for outdoor use or developing new creative.

Content Samples:

If you would like further customization options please contact a PSN representative to discuss your campaign.