How PSN Works

We take the guesswork out of finding guaranteed, prime PSA distribution solutions from both traditional and unconventional media outlets. Many nonprofit organizations and government agencies invest their critical outreach dollars with a communications firm to locate free in-kind and earned media placements. And, in order to ensure a successful campaign outcome, these resources are best invested with a firm that has developed the unique industry relationships, processes and technologies necessary to cost-effectively manage, distribute and promote your PSA campaign.

The PSN team has over 100 years of media and communications experience; we are specialists in nonprofit and government public service campaigns. That’s what we do and we are constantly innovating so we can improve outcomes for our clients in new and cost-effective ways. Over the past decade, PSN has developed strategic relationships across the media industry to ensure that your outreach dollars yield results. Our experienced marketing team offers a mix of new and traditional distribution channels to make sure your campaign will get noticed during all day-parts, not just during remnant overnight slots or otherwise undesirable inventory that could not be sold.

The PSN model is proven and will utilize your resources to secure prime media placement opportunities for your messaging on a guaranteed and measurable basis. Our past performance proves that the results will exceed your campaign objectives and expectations.

PSN and MediaForce are pleased to present the following PSA distribution options:

Network Highlights

  • Specialists in nonprofit and government PSA campaigns
  • Guaranteed PSA distribution
  • Nielsen tracking provided for TV & Radio programs
  • 200,000+ media outlets nationwide
  • Built-in earned media value
  • Low-cost traditional and unconventional channels
  • Integrated campaigns with measurable impact
  • Reaches consumers at key decision-making points
  • Digital media networking
  • Online search and display network campaigns (Google Analytics, Adwords and more)
  • Broad and niche geographic and demographic targeting

PSA Channels


Nationwide or Targeted Video PSA Distribution via 1,200+ Television Stations, Cable and Broadcast Networks

PSN TV is the Public Service Network’s channel for broadcast and cable television placementof 30-second PSAs by government agencies and nonprofits. PSN has distribution experience and relationships that ensure your campaign has an ROI that exceeds your objectives and expectations.

PSN Radio

PSN Radio is The Public Service Network’s channel for broadcast radio placement of 15-, 30- and 60-second public service announcements (PSAs) by nonprofits and government agencies. As with all PSN channels, there are a variety of programs available that guarantee placement and reach in your specific target markets or nationwide.

PSN Outdoor

PSN Outdoor is an all encompassing distribution channel that offers government agencies and nonprofit organizations the ability to place public service announcements (PSAs) on a guaranteed and low-cost basis in a variety of locations that reach pedestrians, vehicle passengers and drivers. PSN works with transit agencies in markets across the country that offer a wide variety of cost-effective outdoor placement opportunities.

PSN Airport 

PSN’s latest location-based network provides its clients with access to more than 2,000 video flat screens in the nation’s top 100 airports across the U.S. The base program provides distribution of a :30 second video PSA every other hour for 4 weeks in 17+ of the top airport locations.

PSN In-Store

PSN (The Public Service Network) has pioneered the distribution of public service announcements (PSAs) over the audio networks within grocery, drug and retail stores. This point-of-purchase network for public service messaging reaches consumers while they shop at more than 31,000 retail locations nationwide that include the largest and best known chains in the country.

PSN Digital Video, Nation’s Capital Region 

The Public Service Network (PSN) has developed a digital media program with Comcast Cable in DC, MD and VA. This includes the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD DMAs.The program includes the distribution of the following media formats: digital banners, digital video and HD video via Comcast Cable to home subscribers across the region. Cable network partners include many well-known national brands including those featured on this page.

PSN Digital Video, Major Markets 

The Public Service Network (PSN) has developed a digital media program with CBS and Comcast in major markets nationwide. Distribution is guaranteed. Reach target markets via digital video and banner creative on TVs, computers and mobile devices.CBS streams all local newscasts live on O&O websites and apps. During the commercial breaks of the live stream, 15 or 30 second spots will run in a non-skippable, and clickable mid-roll position.

PSN Entertainment

PSN Entertainment offers government agencies and nonprofits the ability to deliver public service messages or Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to highly targeted consumers through live entertainment: at concerts and sporting events, in venues and clubs, live tours and through some of the nation’s most visited live entertainment websites, ticketing websites and social media networks. Participation in PSN Entertainment can also be leveraged to include associations or endorsements from celebrity performers and professional athletes, to strengthen the impact of the message delivery.


PSN DIGITALradio  offers government agencies and nonprofits the ability to deliver 30-second audio public service announcements (PSAs) and digital banners to consumers across all of their digital devices from computers to smartphones and other mobile platforms. Placement is guaranteed via the leading music and digital audio content providers including major market radio stations such as WTOP, radio networks such as CBS Radio, Intercom, Univision, Entravision, Radionomy, Mixcloud, SHOUTcast, and many more.


PSN eMD offers government agencies and nonprofits the ability to deliver public service messages or Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to Health Care Providers (HCPs) on a highly targeted and personal basis.  The opt-in list includes more than 250,000 providers and 90,000 pharmacists. A turnkey digital communications solution with strong metrics that enables you to interact with the target market and evaluate their reaction to your message.

Access to HCPs who trust messaging from PSN (including MD, DO, PA, NP and RPh). Highly targetable by NPI, specialty, geographic location and more.

PSN Grassroots Marketing 

The Public Service Network (PSN) utilizes their database of several thousand media, health and educational organizations. PSN has been highly effective setting up networks of strategic media and partner relationships to disseminate messaging in targeted markets for nonprofits and government campaigns. The outreach will focus on establishing relationships with stakeholder organizations for Web banner and social media placements with a link to the client’s website or a designated campaign landing page for more information. PSN will work with the client to create a list of organizations to target in an effort to add them to their strategic stakeholder network.

PSN Pharma

PSN Pharma offers government agencies and nonprofit organizations the ability to communicate health information directly to patients at the precise moment when they are focusing on their health issues — while they are picking up their prescriptions from 18,000 pharmacy counters nationwide. PSN Pharma is HIPAA compliant, ensuring that patient information remains private.

PSN Waiting Room

PSN WaitingRoom offers two strategies — video and print — to help government agencies and nonprofits reach clinicians, patients and caregivers nationwide at the point-of-care. PSN WaitingRoom can deliver both a broad audience reach as well as a targeted approach.

PSN Public Media 

PSN has joined forces with National Public Radio (NPR) to develop a media channel for the guaranteed distribution of audio public service announcements (PSAs) on NPR’s flagship programs and digital networks. NPR content includes News, Arts, Life and Music focused verticals. All programs have a home on, allowing federal agencies and nonprofit organizations to feature campaign messages alongside relevant content in an uncluttered promotional environment where they will have greater impact.


Attention television and radio media partners…do you need a PSA to compliment your program schedule?  PSAbank has a vast array of highly produced PSAs to choose from.  Our archive is constantly updated with new content and all video files are available through Extreme Reach in both HD and SD formats.  Want to know more and start using PSN content today, call us at 703-229-1208 or email at