Digital Radio Audio Package

Digital Banner Sample:

AL Digital Radio Highlights

  • Guaranteed PSA distribution
  • Strong metrics and measurement
  • Reaches target market via digital audio PSA content and banner ads (optional) on mobile devices
  • Banners may be tagged for digital tracking and analytics



PSN Digital Radio offers government agencies and nonprofits the ability to deliver 30-second audio public service announcements (PSAs) and digital banners to consumers in a specific geo-targeted area across all of their digital devices from computers to smartphones and other mobile platforms. Placement is guaranteed via the leading music and digital audio content providers including major market radio stations and networks such as CBS Radio, Intercom, Univision, Entravision, Radionomy, Mixcloud, SHOUTcast, and many more.

This program is available in every state and provides up to 1 million gross impressions 18+ over a 2-4 month flight, depending on the state.  Audio spot and web banner production are available for additional fees. Multiple spots may be rotated in the same program or flight.

Content Specifications:

Radio spots should be available in :30 lengths.

Digital Web banners should include the following primary banner size in a static format: 300×250.

Content Production: $**** 

Audio spot production is available for an additional fee and includes professional voiceover talent, recording, editing, and music. All talent and music licensing are provided for unlimited use in perpetuity.

Digital Web Banner Production$****

Digital web banner production is available for an additional feeand includes the production of the following primary banner sizes in a static or animated format: 160×600; 728×90 and 300×250.

If you would like further customization options please contact a PSN representative to discuss your campaign.