Convenient Store Package

AL C-Store Locations

AL C-Store Highlights

  • Guaranteed PSA Distribution
  • Local saturation
  • Low-cost PSA rates
  • Unique impressions
  • Captive audience
  • Excellent read with numerous demographic targets



PSN Convenient Store (C-store) offers government agencies and nonprofit organizations the ability to place print PSAs in convenience store entrances throughout each state. C-store placements maximize exposure and frequency of messaging to the targeted demographic groups on a guaranteed and low-cost basis.

Convenient store displays are 28″H x 44″W

This program is available in all states and provides millions of guaranteed gross impressions 18+ via 3-6 month flights, depending on the state.  Production assistance is available for either resizing existing print signage for outdoor use or developing new creative.

Content Samples:

If you would like further customization options please contact a PSN representative to discuss your campaign.